Baghdad responds to Sinjar’s request to build a dam


A representative of the Yazidis Kota in Iraq said their efforts in Baghdad were continuing for the Iraqi government to build a dam to collect water within the Sinjar district.

The representative of the Yazidis in Baghdad, Saeb Khedr, he asked the Minister of Water Resources Federal Hassan al-Janabi to build two dams in Jabal Sinjar and the plain of Mosul, indicating that the Iraqi minister welcomed this claim.

He explained that the Federal Water Resources Minister decided to send a committee with expertise in the coming days to follow up the place of dams and start work as soon as possible.

He added that the Sinjar dam is located in the valley of Mount Sinjar, while the dam of the Mosul plain in the mountain of Bashika, explaining that the dams are filled with rainwater.

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