Oil to develop gas field with a “national effort”


The Minister of Oil Jabbar al-Allaibi, the approval of the Council of Ministers to develop the gas field Mansouriya national effort.

Al-Luaibi said that the national staff of the Central Oil Company and the aim of optimal investment of gas began its procedures in the rehabilitation process and the development of urgent plans for the development of the field and the formation of a body to operate the Mansuriyah field associated with the company.

He added that the management of the field in the national effort will achieve a number of objectives, including the implementation of an accelerated plan for the production of gas up to 75-100 km / day as a first stage, as well as reducing the cost of management and development and shortening the production time to supply power plants in the region with the need of dry gas, For this, the National Administration will provide employment opportunities for the employment of Iraqi manpower and will achieve the sustainable development of the country.

Al-Luaibi said that the ministry has developed an ambitious program to achieve the planned targets and reach production rates of 320 million standard cubic feet per day and production of condensates at a rate of 32 thousand days and liquid gas at 500 tons per day. The development process will take place in three phases.

He explained that the ministry through its formations began the work of receiving the field from the coalition of foreign companies that had won in 2010 the contract within the fourth round of licenses, but did not succeed in the rehabilitation process, explaining that the rehabilitation measures that will be carried out by the ministry will be in standard international contexts and will follow the plans and programs of modern gas investment The product is from the field to be combined into national production.

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