Iraq announces high number of hotels and tourist accommodation complexes


The Ministry of Planning announced that the number of hotels in Iraq rose by 9% during 2017 compared to 2016, while the number of hotels in the year mentioned by 21% from the previous year.

The official spokesman of the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi said that the Central Bureau of Statistics prepared its annual report on hotels and tourist accommodation complexes in Iraq for the year 2017, indicating that the number of hotels reached 1618 hotels and tourist complex, and in the previous year was the number of 1484 hotels, and occupied the province of Karbala the highest percentage 47% in hotels, followed by Baghdad with 22.5%, Najaf 22% and Basra 3%.

He pointed out that the largest share of hotels and tourist accommodation complexes by 99% belongs to the private sector, adding that the first class five-star hotels were the least (1%) after the number of 15 hotels distributed by 7 in Baghdad and 3 in Basra and two in Najaf and one hotel in each of the provinces of Karbala, Wasit and Muthanna, while the four-star hotels were 2%, while the proportion of the second class (3 stars) to 20% and the third degree (two) by 24% and the fourth grade (one star) , And the highest rate was registered for popular hotels by 35%.

As for the number of guests, Hindawi said that the number of guests in hotels of all grades decreased by 2017 by 21% compared to 2016. 6125 guests were registered compared to 7749 in the previous year. Karbala governorate came first with 38% Baghdad ranked second with 36%, Najaf 20.5% and Basra with only 3%.

He pointed out that the volume of revenues achieved amounted to (316) million and 650 thousand dinars during the year 2017 registered a decline of 11% for the year 2016 after it was 356 million and 600 thousand dinars.

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