A mobilization in Baghdad and the Euphrates, the middle and south for the province and the exception of the cut off electricity


The Ministry of Electricity announced the extraction of the province of Karbala of programmed energy.
A statement issued by the ministry said that the efforts have been exerted in the General Company for the distribution of electricity in Baghdad, Central and Euphrates in the middle and south to secure the needs of the Husseinia processions by supplying electric current, lighting the roads used by visitors and maintenance of lighting and distribution networks.
He added that the city of Karbala has been excluded and the main roads leading to it from the programmed parts of the electrical current, and the establishment of a joint working mechanism and coordination and cooperation with all sectors, sections and technical divisions in order to support the electrical network necessary materials for the maintenance and repair of all technical symptoms, as well as the allocation of mobile maintenance units working on Today’s orbit in the main areas, roads and routes is ready and ready to handle any emergency or technical exhibitor.
The ministry directed the warehouse officials to provide all the network materials and disbursement as soon as possible for maintenance purposes. The operating room also assigns security and other services to the success of the visit of the tenth of Muharram.

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