The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity is waiting for Saudi electricity instead of Iran


The Iraqi Electricity Ministry said it was waiting for a response from the Saudi side to a package of proposals on electric power, which was delivered last month, through a technical delegation to Saudi officials.
An Iraqi technical delegation, including senior officials at the Ministry of Electricity, held an official visit to Saudi Arabia on July 21 and held meetings with Saudi officials on cooperation in the field of electric power.
“The proposals relate to the extension of power transmission lines between the two countries and the establishment of power plants to be close to Iraq,” said Mohammad Fathi, spokesman for the Iraqi electricity minister.
The proposals include Saudi energy investments in Iraq, as well as fuel for power stations.
“The Iraqi side is waiting for the arrival of the Saudi response to the proposals, so that the actual steps on the ground will be initiated once approved,” Fathi said.
Iraq has been importing electricity from Iran to reduce energy shortages in the country for many years, as energy infrastructure was destroyed and destroyed by decades of war and siege.
Iran has decided to stop supplying Iraq with 1.3,000 megawatts of electricity because of domestic demand.
According to figures released by the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity last August, the country produces 15,700 megawatts of electricity.

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