Iran to negotiate Iraq to meet the debts of electricity .. How much?


The Iranian Ministry of Energy has begun negotiations with the Iraqi government to bridge the debts of electricity, which amounted to about one billion dollars.

“With the start of the resumption of supplying Iraq and other neighboring countries with electricity, the Iranian Ministry of Electricity has begun negotiations with its Iraqi counterpart to fill the amount of one billion dollars of the debts accumulated in Iraq due to the import of electricity from Iran,” said Deputy Energy Minister Mahmoud Reza Hakki Fam. ISNA News.

“We have invited the Iraqi Energy Minister to come to Iran and continue negotiations, on the mechanism of repayment of debts accumulated on the Iraqi government.”

He pointed out that “cutting off electricity from Iraq during the summer was due to the inability of the Iranian Ministry of Energy to provide electricity to Iranian cities.”

He explained that “the electricity contracts concluded with neighboring countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, include a paragraph, namely not to require Iran to export electricity at peak times; because of the increase in domestic consumption.

The Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakani, said last month that “stop the export of electricity to Iraq, did not violate the terms of the agreement with Baghdad, and under the terms of the agreement give priority to the needs of the country.”

On August 21, the Iranian Energy Ministry announced the resumption of electricity supply to Iraq and other neighboring countries. “The appeal came 10 days ago and after the decline in domestic consumption,” he said.

In early July, the Iranian government announced the suspension of electricity supply to Iraq under the pretext of rising domestic consumption in summer, as well as non-payment of bills and rising domestic consumption in the summer.

Iraq was buying about 1,000 megawatts from Iran, via two lines in Diyala north and third in Basra and a fourth in the southern city of Amara.

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