A frightening rate of unemployment of Iraqi youth


The Iraqi Ministry of Planning said the unemployment rate among young people in the country is 22.6 percent, the majority of them female.
“The rate of unemployment among young people between the ages of 15 and 29 is 22.6 per cent, of which 56.3 per cent is female,” the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) said in a statement.
“The rate of youth participation in the labor force is 36.1 per cent,” the agency said.
These figures are much lower than those announced by the International Monetary Fund last May, indicating that the unemployment rate of the young people in Iraq is more than 40 per cent.
The total unemployment rate in Iraq is more than 23 per cent, which is a significant increase from the rates recorded before the control of the organization, “Dahesh” terrorist two-thirds of Iraq’s middle of 2014, which amounted to 19 percent, according to Iraqi government figures.
Iraq’s population is 37 million, according to the latest statistics released by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation at the end of last December.
The provision of opportunities for the unemployed was a major demand for mass protests in Iraq since last month, before easing down recently.

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