“Blow” Turkish lira hits Mexico and South Africa


The euro fell near its lowest level in 13 months and the fall of the Turkish lira led to a sharp drop in the South African currency and boosted demand for safe haven currencies such as the US dollar, yen and Japanese.
The weakness of the South African rand and the Mexican peso against the dollar if the Turkish lira crisis disrupts the currencies of other emerging markets.

The euro was hit hard last Friday after the Financial Times quoted two sources as saying the ECB was concerned about the banks of Spain, Italy and France and their exposure to Turkey.

At the time, the euro touched 1.13655 dollars, the lowest level against the US currency since July 2017, and by 5:02 am (GMT) the single European currency fell 0.3 percent, to reach 1.13765 dollars.

The euro also fell against the Swiss franc and the yen, trading at 1.13065 francs, down nearly half a percent from the end of last week, to a year low of 1.12980 francs.

The single currency fell about one percent against the Japanese currency, reaching 125.27 yen, near the lowest level in two and a half months at 125.26 yen.

The pound gained some support after falling to a record low against the US dollar.

The Turkish currency last traded at 6.735 lira to the dollar by 0439 GMT, down about 5.4 percent from late last week.

The Turkish currency fell more than 40 percent against the dollar this year as a result of fears that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tightened his grip on the economy and exacerbated the political row with the United States.

The peso fell nearly 1.5 percent from the previous day to around 19.19 pesos to the dollar by 0440, while the rand lost 4.8 percent to 14.75 rand to the dollar.

The Australian dollar was down 0.3 percent at $ 0.7271 after hitting a 19-month low of $ 0.72505 earlier in the session.

The yen rose 0.7 percent against the US dollar and hit 110.17 yen on the latest trading as investors continued to pick up safe assets. According to Reuters.

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