Experts: Iran drains Iraq dollars in a malicious way


Iraqi experts have warned of suspicious operations currently being carried out by Iran to get dollars from Iraq led to the decline of the dinar, after the Iranian currency has become worthless after the application of Iraqi banks the US sanctions decision.

The dinar witnessed a decline in the exchange rate against the US dollar, where the exchange rate was 121 dinars per dollar.

Iraqi economists attributed the decline to the purchase of Iranian traders through agents in Iraq hard currency from Iraqi markets to counter US sanctions to ban dealing with Tehran in dollars.

At the same time, he called on Iraqi government experts to take quick steps to prevent the decline of the Iraqi currency, and to confront methods that they described maliciously to harm the Iraqi economy.

The dollar withdrawal by Iranian traders began on Friday after the Central Bank of Iraq issued a formal directive to banks and banks to adopt a commitment to stop dealing with Iran in US dollars, said experts who asked not to be identified.

“Fake dumping”

The economic expert Majid al-Suri in a press statement that Iran “is no longer only Iraq as an economic lung to breathe through and get from the markets on the US dollar after sanctions.”

Al-Soury warned that Tehran would resort to various methods that would be harmful to Iraq to raise the dollar as a result of the Iraqi government’s position against sanctions against it.

In the forefront of these methods dumping the Iraqi market counterfeit local currency to buy the dollar after the Iranian riyal is worthless in transactions inside and outside Iraq.

The other method is to double the drug trade and to inject large quantities of narcotic toxins into the Iraqi market to get the dollar through them, according to the picture.

Iran faces a stifling crisis after a first package of US sanctions comes into force, including a ban on Iran’s purchases of the US dollar, trade in metals and coal, software for the industry and the automotive sector.

Iranian officials have expressed anger over the decision of the Iraqi Central Bank to comply with US sanctions, while Iranian demands to obtain compensation from Iraq over the damage caused by the Iran-Iraq war in the eighties of the last century of environmental damage.

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