The first country to declare trade with Iran after the US sanctions


Turkey and China have announced positions on US sanctions on Tehran, the first of which came into force at a time when Iran’s foreign minister spoke of consequences that the United States would face without elaborating.
In Ankara, Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Dunmiz said his country would continue to buy natural gas from Iran in line with a long-term supply agreement.

“The long-term supply contract with Tehran provides for 9.5 billion cubic meters, which will be in place until 2026,” Dunmes said in an interview broadcast by Khobar.

Long arm policy

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said Beijing’s ties with Tehran were open, transparent and legitimate, after US President Donald Trump threatened harsh sanctions against anyone dealing with Iran.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Beijing has always opposed unilateral sanctions and “long-arm policy,” according to “Reuters.”

The consequences are unclear

In Tehran, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in remarks published that the United States would not be able to prevent countries from exporting oil.

US officials say they aim to deliver Iran’s oil exports to zero as a way to pressure Tehran to halt its nuclear and missile programs and abandon instability in the region.

The second package of US sanctions is due to begin in November, targeting mainly Iranian oil sales.

“If the Americans want to keep this naive and impossible idea, they must also realize its consequences,” Zarif said. They can not think that Iran will not export oil, and that others will be issued, “he said.

Zarif did not clarify the consequences the United States might face.

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