Increase the share of generators eligible for fuel in Kirkuk


The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil for Distribution Mutasim Akram to increase the processing of generators generators in Kirkuk from 15 liters per kilo, to 25 liters a day.

This came during a meeting with the Governor of Kirkuk and the agency Rakan Said Jubouri official office and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil, where they discussed during the meeting the reality of the work of oil products and ways to upgrade them to serve the citizens of Kirkuk.

The governor of Kirkuk gave a presentation on the reality of the province, especially the electricity crisis due to terrorist operations and the stopping of the gas station of Taza, resulting in a technical fault and the loss of 290 megawatts, which supplies the province with electricity and its effect in increasing the hours of cutting and the importance of increasing the allocation of kerosene for generators. Kirkuk and all districts and districts.

“We have directed the processing of generator owners in the city of Kirkuk with 25 liters of kerosene instead of 15 liters per kilo during the period of the stop of the power station Taza feeder to Kirkuk and 20 liters per kilo in the provinces and districts,” said the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil. In Kirkuk in addition to seeking to establish three government stations will be determined after the allocation of land. ”

He called on the Ministry of Oil to speed up implementation of the capacity of the Kirkuk refinery with a capacity of 70 thousand barrels, which got the approval of the Council of Ministers in accordance with Diwani Order 108 of 2016.

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