UAE companies swallow the Iraqi car market


UAE companies have taken advantage of the weakness of supervision in the Iraqi market, in order to dump it cars that do not meet the conditions and specifications specified by law, causing significant material losses to Iraq, amid the government’s inability to control the phenomenon.

Through the shipping service of flydubai, or through the vessels connecting to the ports of Basra (south) on the waters of the Gulf, daily enters Iraq dozens of cars and thousands of spare parts coming from the UAE towards the local car market, where the exhibitions and industrial complexes that repair what sends Of damaged cars.

An official in the province of Basra told the new Arab that “traders from the United States deliberately dumping the Iraqi market cars without the model of the year, and enter the Iraqi market through the smuggling gate, by placing them in containers of cargo transport instead of official, or tampering with the certificate of origin and model, Through workshops and workshops in the UAE. ”

The Iraqi government sets certain conditions and specifications for the entry of cars into the country. The Lt. Col. at the General Traffic Directorate, Salam Al-Khalidi, said that “the conditions for entering cars to Iraq prevented the entry of any car without the 2017 model.” Bypassing “them.

He pointed out that “these conditions came in order to preserve the Iraqi market, traffic and traffic, and not to sink the country consumed cars.”

For his part, said an official in the Department of Kirkuk Basra that “the management of Iraqi ports have prevented the entry of more than 2500 cars since the beginning of this year, which is without specifications, because the government levies taxes according to the model on the importer, through the Ministry of Finance and the Department of Customs, Model 2017 “.

He stressed that “more than 100 smuggling operations have been thwarted by the customs department and border crossings through the ports of Basra, and all those cases were coming from the ports of Dubai, involving the traders of Emiratis and Iraqis,” noting that “the most prominent cases of smuggling, which was active in the car sector smuggling cars and put them in containers To transport goods, and the customs officer can not inspect these containers, because when you open the container you will find other goods placed in the container gate, can not detect the car.

For their part, a number of dealers in the Iraqi car market, that the UAE has become the largest market for industrial and commercial fraud and flooding the country with cars without specific specifications.

UAE companies and traders rely on different ways to introduce cars to Iraq. “Dubai Ports has become the biggest market for smuggling and industrial fraud in the Arabian Gulf,” said Saadoun Ahmed Al-Ziyadi, a trader in the Basra auto trade. He said that he intended to ship cars without the model and specifications to be sold in the Iraqi market through intermediaries, after forging their papers to meet new specifications and a modern model that meets the conditions , And in fact are either below the legally specified or unusable specifications. ”

He added that “the UAE companies and traders swallowed the Iraqi car trade market fraud, causing a huge loss of millions of dollars by introducing smuggled cars.”

For his part, the owner of one of the Iraqi exhibitions in Basra, Hussam al-Din al-Basri, said that “the automotive sector is one of the most important economic activities of the country, and is witnessing great demand by, especially importers from America, the UAE, China, Korea, Japan and Iran, and we are working to import and sell.”

He added that “Basra is the main center for the sale of cars, and reach the ports of many types of cars, and prices vary from car to car, according to specifications and model, starting from $ 9 thousand to $ 40 thousand dollars for the modern car.

Al-Basri confirmed that “the UAE’s damaged cars entering the local market are classified into two parts. The first is officially entered and paid for the 2017 model. The smuggled second is tax-free and its prices vary according to the damage rate and the model. The prices range from $ 15,000 to $ 20,000. Dollars “.

He pointed out that “smuggling in Iraqi ports is a normal situation for years, because there are influential parties control parts of the ports and involved with parts of the UAE and others in Iraq.”

According to sources, from within the ports of Dubai, the industrial complexes located in the industrial zone north of Dubai, some of its factories are commercial fraud and export their products to the Iraqi market, which is the victim of the citizen.

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