Oil seeks to reduce foreign labor to reduce unemployment


Following the recent wave of protests in Iraq, the government has adopted several measures related to creating job opportunities for tens of thousands of unemployed people, primarily reducing the rate of foreign employment in most oil companies operating in Iraq.

The Iraqi Oil Minister Jabbar al-Allaibi said in a statement that his ministry has resorted to reducing the rate of foreign employment in the majority of oil companies operating in Iraq to less than 16 percent, stressing the provision of job opportunities for families of martyrs in the province of Basra.

He pointed out that a recent meeting with one of the oil companies to achieve these goals, and encourage the use of Iraqi expertise, adding that this does not mean that the end of foreign employment in the country, because of some necessary joints that need foreign experts and specialists. In terms of creating jobs in Basra, al-Luaibi continued to pressure oil companies and secondary contractors to secure employment opportunities, stressing that “providing more than 590 degrees functional for the families of martyrs in the areas of West Qurna and the city north of the province.”

The Central Bureau of Statistics issued a statement in which it pointed out that the total unemployment rate for individuals in all governorates of Iraq reached 10.8 percent, and the unemployment rate among women is 22.2 percent, while it drops to 8.5 percent in males.

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