Iran sets an Iraqi border to introduce “high quality”


The head of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture Gholam Hossein Shafei said the Iranian export capacity to the neighboring countries and to the countries of the region is great, pointing to the importance of controlling the currency exchange market so as not to become an obstacle to the development of Iranian exports.

Shafie called for the need to adopt a long-term structural planning vision for the market and deal with it under the supervision and care to suit the requirements of the market and marketing operations.

The President of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce stressed the need to identify the needs of the Iraqi and Syrian markets during the start of these two countries reconstruction operations after the relative calm witnessed by these two countries.

Shafie called on the Iranian market to closely monitor the requirements of the Syrian and Iraqi markets in order to obtain their share of their requirements and not allow others to progress on them and on Iranian exports.

Shafei described the western province of Ilam as the best gateway and border crossing through which high quality goods can be imported to meet the needs of Iraqi infrastructure that needs to be built or reconstructed.

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