Ships carrying fuel Saudi Arabia for power plants in Iraq


Minister of Transport Kazem Venjan Al-Yamami said that the vessels of the General Company for Maritime Transport will transport large quantities of fuel from power stations coming from the Saudi port of Dammam to the port of Umm Qasr.

Al-Hamami said that this project came after the Iraqi and Saudi sides agreed through a specialized committee between the two countries formed last days to contribute to end the crisis of power outages in all Iraqi provinces.

It is worth mentioning that the General Company for Maritime Transport is one of the formations of the Ministry of Transport, which owns the two carriers (Qurna and Al-Asma’i).

The central and southern governorates of Iraq have witnessed widespread protests over the past few days against the deteriorating service and living conditions, the spread of financial and administrative corruption, and the high rate of unemployment within the society, prompting the government to take a series of urgent measures to meet the demands of demonstrators.

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