The Lebanese government decides to open the border to the Iraqis


“We hope that a solution will be found to the issue of Lebanese traders and industrialists who deal with Iraq,” said Nicola Tueni, state minister for anti-corruption affairs in the caretaker government.

Toni said in a press statement that “what has been reached with the Iraqi authorities is that all debts from 2013 to date will be reimbursed under contractual terms that have been contracted and this solves a large part of the problem,” explaining that “for debt owed to the “Before 2003, the Iraqi authorities proposed resorting to the conditions of the Paris Club, but we still reject them and these conditions should not be entered into because of the unfairness of the people.”

He also pointed out that “we are going through the opening line of the Iraqi borders for the Lebanese and the Lebanese borders for the Iraqis”

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