Iraqi transport pulls the hand of the pilots in flight melee “horror”


A source familiar with the Iraqi Ministry of Transport that the ministry decided to withdraw the hand of the pilots, who are tangled in the hands on an air flight.

The source said that “a dispute between a pilot and his assistant during the return of a flight from the city of Mashhad in Iran later developed into a tangle in the hands,” revealing that one of them suffered severe injuries.

“The dispute escalated into a verbal exchange and then developed into a handshake, resulting in injuries and injuries,” he said.

A fight between two pilots later developed into a hand fight on an Iraqi Airways aircraft inside the cockpit killed 150 passengers aboard.

Passengers on board the terrifying flight reported that the plane’s security intervention, which led to the crash of parts of the cockpit, saved the situation.

The plane was flying at 37,000 feet at the time of the tussle.

The General Company of Iraqi Airways, in a statement, the Ministry of Transport to open an investigation with pilots who fought in the air, has been issued orders in advance to stop them from flying.

The ministry’s inspector-general has been tasked with completing the fundamental measures against them. There will be no compromise with any party. They will have no chance of escaping the harsh sanctions. They will face the most severe and the most violent, the least of which is the denial of flight for life. They will be a lesson to those who consider.

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