Catastrophic loss to Facebook boss within hours


Facebook has suffered heavy losses in the last few hours, after the company announced its negative results platoon, which showed less than expected growth in the population of the network.

Bloomberg reported that Facebook’s release of the quarterly report with negative forecasts led to a fall in the company’s stock price to a loss of about $ 130 billion, while the loss of its founder Mark Zuckerberg was estimated at $ 17 billion.

If Facebook shares continue to plummet, losses could rise to 151 billion as stock markets closed on Thursday, the biggest loss to a US trading firm in 24 hours.

Bloomberg explained that this is the biggest loss in the history of the world’s most famous social networking network, and could lead to the loss of its founder Mark Zuckerberg, ranking third on the list of the richest people in the world.

The company’s quarterly report said its revenue in the last quarter was $ 13 billion, less than the planned indicators, while the number of consumers entering Facebook per day rose to 1.47 billion, while the company expected the index to rise to 1.49 billion.

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