A former deputy warns of the migration of companies operating in oil fields in Iraq


Former member of the House of Representatives Najeeb Najib, warned of the migration of oil companies operating in Iraq, attributed to the confusion of the security situation and increased attacks on most of the workers of foreign oil companies in the southern provinces by the demonstrators in the demonstrations.

Najib said in a statement that “the demonstrations are a constitutional right of citizens and the deterioration of the service situation is to bring the people out and rise, but harming any public interests as companies and institutions serving the country will lead to large losses and any attack on them leads to confusion the security situation,” asserting: “This situation leads to The migration of foreign oil companies to maintain the lives of their workers and avoid continuing to work in dangerous security situations. ”

She pointed out that “the migration of oil companies will lead to the interruption of work and the non-production and export of oil, which means the absence of daily revenue, which will affect the monthly revenue and even on the operational expenses of salaries of employees and others.”

The provinces of the center-south demonstrations popular demand for the provision of services and employment opportunities. Some demonstrations in the province of Basra have turned into an attack on oil companies and attack foreign workers in the oil fields

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