$20 billion debt owed by the Iraqi government


The Central Bank said that its debts due to the government’s cost of 20 trillion dinars, explaining that the optimal use of surplus amounts by the budget this year, to pay the court.

“The view of the bank based on economic, financial and monetary considerations, believes that the best use of surplus amounts by the budget of the current year of oil exports provides for the payment of internal debts that belong to the central bank,” the semi-official newspaper Al-Sabah said, “noting that the event would fortify the bank from any future crisis, especially that the debts resulting from the government’s budget amounted to the limit of 20 trillion dinars.

He added that this method will contribute to maintaining financial, monetary and banking stability in the country, and it is necessary to give great importance, especially that the volume of liquidity drawn from the central bank is very large, calling on the government to return to ensure the strengthening of the cash reserve.

The external debt, explained the key, that the installments are few and the benefits of the distant and most of the debt was not resolved, “stressing that” there is no problem to postpone.

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