Kirkuk determines the best way to export its oil and achieve petrodollar revenues


A member of the oil and gas committee of Kirkuk Provincial Council Fuad Hussein the best way to export the province’s oil abroad.

According to the official website of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Hussein explained that Iraq has taken many ways to export Kirkuk oil, but did not succeed in any of them, but wasted huge quantities of this oil to no avail.

“If Iraq is to export to Iran through the tanker, the damage and loss will be greater than the profit. If it remains in the pipelines, it will also be damaged, and Iraq can not repair the pipelines,” he said.

He said that Hussein for that Iraq to negotiate and understanding with the Kurdistan Region, and we support this step and the initiative, the fact that Kirkuk is deprived of the revenues and revenues of this oil, and if an agreement on this will return petrodollar proceeds to the people of Kirkuk.

He pointed out that the most important in this matter is that the export of oil through the pipelines of Kurdistan will pass through a safe road without unrest and no danger to him, so it is important for the Iraqi government, and it sees it well and is forced to return to the territory and agree with him.

He explained that about 150 thousand barrels of oil are extracted from the wells of Kirkuk currently to be filtered locally and the distribution of its products, even if the development of fields will be possible to extract about 500 thousand barrels per day and export and benefit from the proceeds and revive the economy of Iraq.

The Iraqi Oil Minister Jabbar al-Allaibi said that they are in dialogue with the Kurdistan Region and Turkey on the possibility of exporting Kirkuk oil through the pipeline to the Turkish port of Ceyhan, and that discussions and meetings continue until an agreement is reached, where 220 thousand barrels of oil is extracted daily from Kirkuk fields to be disbursed And to benefit locally.

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