Kurdistan reveals the number of tourists within two days


The Tourism Authority of the Kurdistan Region said on Monday that until the second day of Eid al-Fitr received more than 127 thousand tourists, pointing out that it will announce soon the final count of the number of tourists.

“Thousands of tourists from the central and southern regions of Iraq and Iran have arrived in tourist areas in the region,” said Nader Rusti, a spokesman for the agency. “By the second day, more than 127,000 tourists arrived in the province.

He added that this number is not the last census, noting that the body will announce in the next few days the final number of tourists.

“This year, Iran exerted great pressure on its tourists to impose large fees for their departure from the country,” he said, noting that this has caused the decrease of those coming to Kurdistan, as has been the case in previous occasions.

He said the failure to open the road between Kirkuk and Erbil had had a big impact, but that many tourists were waiting for more numbers.

He explained that tourists this year visited all the cities of the Kurdistan region and saw the city of Dohuk arrival of large numbers of them, indicating that otherwise, the local tourists have increased this year and significantly and not directed to outside the region, but to the tourist areas in Kurdistan.

Rusti attributed that to the definition of the Kurdistan Region tourist shares to go to the tourist areas, noting that they did not enter the statistics, which included 127 thousand tourists from outside the region.

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