Ministry of Commerce denies the transfer of the Department of the ration card file to the provincial councils


The Ministry of Commerce denied the transfer of the management of the ration card file to the provincial councils, explaining that the councils have already apologized for taking the file, while accusing some companies to “exploit” its motto.

The Ministry said in an official statement that it is continuing to manage the file (ration card) and the validity of the media and social communication on the transfer of this file to the provincial councils that the subject of transfer to the Councils had already apologized the latter for taking over the file because of its inability to create the logistics of its administration where Work has been delayed and according to the directives of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

As the exploitation of some companies to the slogan of the ministry to enter trucks and put it on the basket of food referred to is to raise the sympathy of citizens and gain public opinion, “asserting that” this work will be presented (some companies) to legal accountability as a result.

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