The Iraqi market for securities closed at a rise of 0.84%


Iraqi Economic Center – Baghdad
The Executive Director of the Iraqi market for securities today that the market index closed at a rise of 0.84%, and the market organized four trading sessions from Monday to Thursday, where the number of companies traded shares of 42 companies out of the 102 companies listed in the market
The market index closed during the sessions last week at a rise of 0.84% ​​and also increased the volume of trading, which amounted to about 17 billion shares.

The number of shares traded during last week reached 17.561 billion shares compared to the previous week. The increase was 3.9% after the number of shares traded was 16.907 billion shares. The value of shares traded reached 16.996 billion dinars compared to the previous week where the decline was 21.2% Trading value of 21.573 billion dinars.

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