Kurdistan announces a new schedule for salaries of employees


Iraqi Economic Center – Baghdad
The Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Region, a new schedule of salaries of ministries to be disbursed next week.
A statement to the ministry, it will pay salaries according to schedule, on Sunday 20/5/2018 will be the salaries of the Ministry of the Interior and the Asayish, and on Monday 21/5/2018 Peshmerga forces Zirvani, defense and emergency and the strike force and the Diwan and brigades of the Ministry of Peshmerga

On Tuesday, 22/5/2018, the salaries of the forces of 70 and 80 of the Peshmerga, on Wednesday 23/5/2018 to the Peshmerga pensioners, on Thursday 24/5/2018 retired civilians.

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