Cabinet decides to form an industrial coordination council headed by Sudanese


The Council of Ministers decided to form the Industrial Coordination Council under the chairmanship of the Minister of Industry and Minerals and Mohamed Shiaa Al-Sudani Agency to define the tasks specified in the industrial strategy in Iraq until 2030.

The Cabinet said that the industrial team, which will consist of the undersecretaries of the ministries of finance, oil, electricity, trade, interior and industry in the Kurdistan region, as well as the vice president of the National Investment Commission, the assistant chief of staff of the army, , The President of the Federation of the Iraqi Chamber of Commerce and an industrial economist.

It also aims to ensure the realization of the future vision of industrial activity, as well as the management and design of industrial policies to monitor and stimulate the competitiveness of the industry and modernization of legislation, and the design and implementation of bilateral international agreements concluded by the public and private sectors and mixed with foreign to ensure the achievement of the objectives.

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