The Ministry of Electricity succeeds in supplying all polling stations throughout Iraq


Iraqi Economic Center – Follow-up / Baghdad

Under the direction and follow-up of the Minister of Electricity Eng. Qassem Mohammed Fahdawi, the Ministry was able to provide all polling stations in the capital Baghdad and the provinces with electric power, on Saturday, 12/5/2018, to ensure the success of the voting process for the elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives ..
The Ministry of Electricity announced that it had mobilized all its engineering and technical staff in its three sectors (production, transport and distribution) and in a rotation manner to ensure the continuity of the national electricity system in order to ensure the smooth flow of the ballot and to provide a sound electoral environment. .
The teacher pointed out that the low loads on electricity after the disruption of official hours in government departments, and the prohibition of roaming vehicles, contributed significantly to the provision of electricity, which contributed to the achievement of full processing.

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