Iraq to put 1200 projects for investment and Tehran to participate


The Iranian commercial attaché in Iraq, Nasser Behzad, explained that “the negative propaganda led to the failure of Iranian companies to enter the Iraqi market,” pointing out that “Iraq recently put forward a large package of about 1200 projects for investment and cooperation, which is a good ground for the entry of Iranian companies to its markets.”

Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari also discussed with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Jawad Zarif ways to strengthen relations between the two countries and stressed the need to intensify the dialogue to overcome the crises experienced by the region. The ambassador of Tehran in Baghdad said during a meeting to study investment opportunities that the economic activities of Iran in Iraq Good.

Al-Jaafari said in a statement that he discussed with Zarif on the sidelines of the conference to support the future of Syria and the region under the auspices of the European Union and the United Nations in the Belgian capital Brussels in order to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

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