UAE company wins the development contract of exploration area Khashm red


The oil ministry announced on Thursday that it signed two contracts for the operation and maintenance of Majnoon oil field, indicating that the value of the two contracts is 118 million dollars for two years, where the oil minister Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi said that the Basra Oil Company signed two contracts with the Chinese company Anton and Kebyar US, Majnoon oil field.

He added that the ministry is keen to develop production in the field of Majnoon oil to reach high rates according to plans for the field, noting that the field of large fields in the country and will work on the ministry to develop the national effort after Shell withdrew from the development work.

The director of the Basra Petroleum Company, Ihsan Abdul Jabbar, said that the two companies, Anton Chinese and Kabyar US, will advise on the development of capacity and the transfer of information, pointing out that the two contracts include a program of management and standard maintenance of the field according to the requirements of the world.

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