The Ministry of Oil begins operating the field of Saybah gas, a capacity of 25 – 100 million cubic meters per day


The Ministry of Oil announced today the start of the field of Saybah gas gas 25 – 100 million cubic meters per day, indicating that the field is one of the three most important gas fields in Iraq.

The Iraqi Minister of Oil on the occasion of the opening of the central production plant for the gas field in Basra, said that the ministry has achieved a qualitative achievement in the gas sector and within the objectives planned for the optimal investment of the national gas invasions, noting that the production achieved is an initial production of 25 million cubic feet a day ” Reaching peak production at the end of the year, estimated at 100 million standard cubic feet per day.

He added that the project will add new quantities of gas to the national production will contribute to the supply of power plants in good quantities of dry gas, as well as the production of liquid gas in the amount of 1200 barrels per day in addition to 19000 barrels / day of condensate.

He explained that “the ministry has so far managed to invest 60 percent of the gas associated with this wealth and we are working on the investment of the remaining quantities and stop burning completely during the next few years through contracting with international companies solid.”

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