Rafidain Bank determines the amount of loans granted to purchase cars


Rafidain Bank set the amount of loans granted to citizens and employees to buy modern cars by installments, noting that the loan period is five years.

The bank’s information office said that the type of loan granted to purchase cars by installments has been determined from the branches of the bank spread in Baghdad and the provinces, which will be from 20 million to 40 million dinars.

The loan amount of 20 million dinars will be guaranteed by a civil servant from the government departments, while more than 20 to 25 million dinars will be on bail of two civil servants from the government departments, noting that “the amount of the loan, which increases from 25 million dinars to 40 million JD shall be secured by pledge of a property (house or piece of residential land), the loan period is five years, including three months grace.

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