The Ministry of Industry exemption for 399 Jordanian products from customs


The Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohamed Shaya al-Sudani said today that Iraq has exempted 399 Jordanian products from customs, pointing out that all doors are open and without any conditions for investors and Jordanian companies for investment.

The Iraqi cabinet agreed to include 399 Jordanian products with customs exemptions out of 792 based on the recommendations of the Iraqi-Jordanian committee to follow up the implementation of the free trade agreement between the two countries.

Al-Sudani added that there are no Iraqi conditions for Jordan in exchange for the application of Iraqi customs exemptions, stressing that there is no hesitation or fluctuation among the Iraqis and there is no objection or objection from any party to open Iraq to Jordan and will not allow any side to put obstacles despite the absence of These visions are already.

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