Iraq put phosphate plants for investment


Anbar Investment Commission announced on Sunday the launch of phosphate plant for investment after the inability of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and the government to secure the cost of reconstruction as a result of severe damage suffered by the recent battles with the organization of Daish.
“The local government in Anbar, in coordination with the concerned authorities, put forward the phosphate plant for investment, worth 700 million dollars, within the framework of a plan aimed at restarting all the affected factories by large percentages due to military and terrorist operations,” said Mahdi Saleh al-Numan, “He said.
Noman added that “the factory was put on the back of the inability of the concerned parties to return to service as a result of the financial crisis in the country.”
He pointed out that “the province will see the launch of a lot of factories and government plants for investment during the coming period on specialized companies, to be workers from the people of the province to ensure the treatment of the phenomenon of unemployment.”
Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said in a speech during his attendance at the Tokyo Conference on supporting job creation, vocational training and reducing the circulation of arms in Iraqi society. “There are great investment opportunities in all Iraqi provinces, and Iraq today looks forward to the future confidently and possesses all the elements of development and investment and the most expensive capital The Iraqi man. “

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