The Ministry of Planning announced the total cost of economic units affected by terrorism


The Ministry of Planning announced on Saturday that the total cost of the affected economic units amounted to 75.306 trillion dinars and various sectors.
The ministry said during a survey conducted in April 2018 for a number of provinces affected by the terrorist operations (Nineveh, Kirkuk, Salahadin, Diyala, Baghdad, Anbar and Babil) in a report, followed by the Iraqi Economic Center, “The number of economic units affected as a result The control of terrorist gangs and liberation operations amounted to 8457 economic units of different types, the largest number in the sector of government buildings and by 2167 economic units followed by the transport sector where the number of units affected by 2041 units, “indicating that” the total cost of the economic units affected amounted to 75.306 trillion dinars And various sectors. ”
The report added that “the sector most affected by the sectors is the electricity sector, where the damage amounted to 9.586 trillion dinars followed by the oil and gas sector, which amounted to 6.145 trillion dinars and then the manufacturing sector amounted to 5.477 trillion dinars, being a large sectors in terms of Ras Money and serving many of the provinces, “pointing out that” the total cost of the affected units in the ministries or entities not associated with the Ministry amounted to 20.514 trillion dinars. ”
The report pointed out that “the damage to the economic units in the province of Salah al-Din was the highest among the governorates covered by the survey and the amount of 13.821 trillion dinars, followed by the province of Nineveh and the amount of 10.057 trillion dinars and then Anbar province amounted to 9.529 trillion dinars,” noting that ” Religion is the highest among the provinces is the presence of refineries and power stations in this province. ”
He pointed out that “Nineveh province topped the provinces in the value of residential buildings affected in urban areas where the highest value of damage to residential buildings in the urban environment appeared in the province of Nineveh, amounting to 5.8 trillion Iraqi dinars, which accounted for 57.8% of the value of damage in the urban area, Anbar worth damage of 2.3 trillion Iraqi dinars and 22.7% of the value of damages in the urban area and then Salahuddin province worth damage amounted to 1.4 trillion Iraqi dinars and by 13.6%.

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