Iraqi Civil Aviation changes the route of flights passing through the Syrian airspace.


On Friday, April 12, 2018, the Civil Aviation Authority of Iraq announced a change in the route of flights from Baghdad to Beirut to avoid traffic in the Syrian airspace, after the United States threatened to launch a missile attack against Syria.
“Starting at 6 am local time (0300 GMT), directives were issued to change the route of direct flights from Baghdad to Beirut to avoid the Syrian airspace,” the director of the Iraqi civil aviation authority, Abbas Amran, told the Iraqi Economic Center.
He explained that “the flights will use the Turkish airspace and from them to the Cypriot airspace and then to Beirut.”
He denied that any airline had “canceled flights to Iraq because of the dangers of the Syrian airspace,” stressing that “it was limited to changing the tracks only.”
“The Iraqi airspace is safe and the flights are regular and there is little threat,” he said.
The United States has threatened to bomb Syria with smart missiles in response to the use of chemical gas in the area of ​​Damascus near Damascus.

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