Iraq adopts Arab conference to promote integrity and fight corruption


The Ministerial Conference of the Arab Network for the Promotion of Integrity and the Fight against Corruption will kick off in Baghdad on 25 April 2018, with the participation of 18 Arab countries, 25 independent and active civil society organizations, representatives of the United Nations and international experts.
The Integrity Commission said in a statement, followed by the Iraqi Economic Center, that “the participants in the conference, chaired by Iraq represented by the Integrity Commission, and held under the auspices of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, under the slogan of fighting corruption in the service of human security and society, will discuss the latest efforts to promote integrity and fight corruption in Arab countries , And its performance from the perspective of international indicators and ways to improve them.
“The two-day conference will include several parallel meetings and workshops to review public policies and comparative experiences to attract investment, stimulate growth and enhance the quality of services through anti-corruption, as well as the impact of corruption on human and community security and strategies to reduce them, Conflict-affected “countries.
“The declaration will be issued in the name of the” Baghdad Declaration “which includes a summary of the work, proposals and recommendations of the participants, which will contribute to support the efforts to combat corruption at the Arab level, based on relevant international and regional standards, to develop anti-corruption policies, methods and programs.
The members of the Network were elected at the fifth ministerial conference held in Tunis in September 2016, Chairman of the Integrity Commission Hassan al-Yasiri as the head of the network at its sixth session, where Iraq will be headed by a representative of the integrity of the session held on the fifteenth of this month.
The Arab Network for the Promotion of Integrity and Combating Corruption is the most prominent regional mechanism to support Arab efforts to combat corruption in line with national priorities. The network includes 47 ministries, governmental and judicial bodies from 18 Arab countries and 25 independent organizations, supported by UNDP and other partners .

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