A Japanese investment feeds the Internet in Baghdad with “150,000 fiber optic lines”


Japanese investment to feed the Internet in Baghdad with “150 thousand light lines”
On Sunday, the State Telecommunications Company held a conference on the investment of the optical access project funded by the Japanese loan, which feeds the capital Baghdad with the Internet service with a capacity of “150 thousand light lines.” “The company held a conference on the investment of the optical access project financed by the Japanese loan,” the ministry’s office said in a statement. He explained that the project with a capacity of 150 thousand light lines feed the capital Baghdad by its side Karkh and Rusafa, noting that “the conference witnessed an intensive presence of private sector companies specialized and willing to invest.” “The project has been fully implemented and is ready to launch services, including activation of the Internet service, which is characterized by high speed and accuracy (ip),” indicating that “the project includes the service of communication through application and quality, in addition to the rest of the channels that are encrypted beyond 99 channels and interactive games “He said. The statement pointed out that “the project was announced in a participatory manner and all relevant companies are entitled to submit their applications for investment on the project until the 15th of April.”

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