The Iraqi Oil Minister inaugurated a gas treatment plant in the field of Bazargan with a capacity of 71 cubic meters per day


Oil Minister Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi said that the gas investment is an absolute priority of the ministry to stop wasting oil wealth and develop the gas industry in the country, which came during the opening ceremony and operation of gas processing plant in the field of Bazargan in Maysan province.
The minister said in a speech at the ceremony that the accompanying gas treatment project, which we are opening today, was designed to treat two million standard cubic meters of associated gas, which is equivalent to (71) million standard cubic feet per day, and will be used these quantities of gas to power units (44) megawatts, through which the operation of the units and production facilities in the oil fields and the surplus of the treated quantities will be supplied to the national power plants at a rate of (60) megawatts.
Al-Allaibi said that we stand in front of an economic building and a new achievement achieved thanks to the loyalists of the people of Iraq and the province of Maysan. This project is part of the important strategic plans prepared by the Ministry for optimal investment of associated gas and treatment to benefit from it and its introduction within the industry of liquid gas and condensate. The treasury of the Federal State through the export operations carried out by the Ministry of Oil for more than two years, as well as the Ministry of revenue to the State through the export of crude oil.
The minister pointed out that the ministry and through investment projects in cooperation and coordination between the national effort and specialized international companies, has achieved many achievements at the levels of production, export and gas industry, and in Missan Habiba achieved several achievements, including at the level of production rates of crude oil fields in the Missan Oil Company, Today 480 thousand barrels per day, which in itself is a major achievement of the province is achieved in a time period not more than several years since the establishment of the company, and the development projects are continuing in the fields of the company, where it is hoped to complete the third treatment plant in the field of Halafaya end of the year A production capacity of 200 thousand barrels per day will be the field of production Halfaya alone 400 thousand barrels which will increase production rates in the company to the highest levels.
The representative of the Chinese company Anbal said that the project was implemented in accordance with international standards and new technologies with 18 months and will provide the project to invest quantities of gas are used in the operation of turbines for electric stations in the field and in the national network

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