Ministry of Water Resources: 20 thousand tourists visited the Dhi Qar marshes


The Ministry of Water Resources revealed on Tuesday, April 3, 2018, the arrival of the number of tourists coming to the marshes of Dhi Qar province during the past two weeks to more than 20 thousand tourists from different provinces, after the improvement of water levels, expected to double their numbers during the second half of this year .
“The marshes of the province of Dhi Qar have seen more than 20,000 tourists from different governorates over the past two weeks,” said Samira Abdul-Shabib, director general of the Marshlands and Wetlands Rehabilitation Center in the ministry, noting that the numbers have increased following a noticeable improvement in the level of the levels In the marshes of the country. ”
Shebib said that “intensive seminars held with the people living in the marshes to introduce the associations of water users in the province and not waste and maintain them correctly,” expected to double the number of tourists from inside and outside the country during the second half of this year.
The Directorate of Water Resources in the province of Dhi Qar closed the ports on both sides of the irrigation project and the lifting of excesses in order to secure the water rations to the beneficiary agricultural lands, and the tables and facilitate the flow of water and access to the citizens, as well as the Water Distribution Committee to close some regulations For the application of the “Alchershana” system.
Al-Shabib pointed out that “the work of cremation and removal of sediments continued at an increasing pace in the governorate. The clean-up of the Shatt al-Ibrahim from Nazem al-Hamzah towards Sayyid Dakhil district was carried out by shamplan, sediments, dirt and river plants to ensure the access of drinking water and water quotas to the beneficiaries.
The Director General of the Marshlands and Wetlands Rehabilitation Center said that “maintenance, cleaning and disinfection continued with Shattra, Shatrah, Ibrahim and Abu Jsibah Al Kabeer to provide irrigation water for agricultural land and drinking water for nearby villages.” These works contributed to improving the water levels of these areas, Which led to the revival of tourism in the marshes. “

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