MESAN Refinery Company announces the start of civil works for the refinery


MESAN Refinery Company announced on Monday the commencement of civil works of the refinery, confirming the completion of 250 horizontal and main control points.
“The first phases of the civil works have been completed and the survey works have been completed. 250 horizontal and main control points have been completed. The first building of the civil works will be carried out later. The designs for the water station, which will feed the project and have been completed, Pending authentication “.
He added that “the water station and civil works of the fence of the refinery will be started 10 km long and 10 meters high, which is reinforced concrete.”
It is worth mentioning that the company Missan International Refinery, started (February 1, 2018), the implementation of the most important refinery in Iraq with a capacity of 150,000 barrels per day.
The governor of Maysan Ali Douai, that the refinery Maysan investment is the largest strategic project at the level of Iraq, while noting that the province will facilitate all procedures for the executing company and provide the security side.
The Committee of the Committee on Oil and Energy in the Council of Maysan province, that the refinery Maysan investment “a quantum leap” in the oil industry, indicating that the project will provide great employment opportunities for workers.
While the member of the Committee on oil and energy parliamentary Ali Faisal Fayadh, that the refinery Maysan will provide thousands of jobs and large amounts of hard currency, pointing out that the oil derivatives will be provided by the refinery will be the highest quality of the importer in proportion to the technology and high technology used for this project.

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