The Ministry of Industry and Minerals invited the Czech companies and investors to work and invest in Iraq


The Minister of Industry and Minerals, Mohamed Shi’a al-Sudani, called on the Czech companies and investors to enter Iraq and invest in the large and multi-faceted opportunities available to it in the presence of support and care by the Iraqi government and under a series of laws and international agreements and bilateral agreements between Iraq and the Czech Republic.
“The Iraqi government will provide legal guarantees to protect Czech investments and facilities for the establishment of joint projects in accordance with the Iraqi Investment Law, which represents the entrance to partnership with government companies in addition to investing individually or through partnership with the private sector,” said a statement to the Information Office of the Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed al-Sudani. Iraq has a private sector ready to have the expertise, competence, know-how and the possibility to achieve real partnerships and successful in various areas. ”
He added that the conference witnessed a large presence of companies, businessmen and investors with the presence of a group of businessmen from the Federation of Industries and the Council of Business and Chambers of Commerce confirms the desire and seriousness of both parties to strengthen joint investments between the two countries, adding that the meeting expanded the gathering between Iraqi businessmen and investors And the Czech resulted in the arrival of preliminary understandings in this regard. ”
“The Sudanese side has chaired the Iraqi side in the meetings of the joint Czech-Czech committee held in Prague for two days and the Minister of Industry and Trade presided over the Czech side in the presence of a number of experts from the representatives of the ministries of the state. The prevention of double taxation and the Convention on the Protection of Investment and other agreements related to the facilitation of air traffic between the two countries and three memorandums of understanding with the Ministries of Agriculture, Health and Transport.

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