The Minister of Oil instructs the oil companies to provide the necessary support for the service sectors in the Zubayr district


The Minister of Oil stressed the ministry’s keenness to contribute to improving the services provided to the citizens of Zubayr in the province of Basra.
This came during the visit of the Minister of Oil to Zubayr district and inspected by a number of service departments and Al-Zubair General Hospital and his meeting with a number of officials in the judiciary
Oil Minister Jabbar Ali Al-Allaibi said that he instructed the international companies working in the field of Zubayr to provide the necessary support to service departments and hospitals in the elimination of machinery and equipment and the implementation of a number of projects that contribute to the upgrading of the services provided to citizens of the judiciary.
He instructed the oil minister to the Basra oil companies and refineries of the south to meet the urgent needs of the urgent Zubair General Hospital of the necessary medical equipment and the study of the possibility of building a new building for the hospital.
The Minister also directed a number of ways in the judiciary and expedited the implementation of the new Zubayr Bridge project, as well as implementation
A number of necessary service projects.
The officials and tribal elders and dignitaries in the Zubayr district praised the initiative of the Minister of Oil and his keenness to inspect and meet the needs of the judiciary.

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