China: Afforestation project in Shandong helps improve the environment and increase farmers’ income


The World Bank-supported environmental reforestation project in Shandong has succeeded in planting trees and shrubs on an area of ​​36897 hectares of severely deteriorated hillsides, increasing vegetation from 16% to 90%, reducing soil erosion by 68% In the soil by 30%, and enhanced biodiversity by 40%. Which increased the area of ​​vegetation cover from 7% to more than 66%, and reduced soil salinity by 68%. The cultivation of mixed species of trees and shrubs along 2,150 kilometers of canals and roads to protect against wind erosion.
Income of 26,556 households in agricultural areas through commercial tree crops such as fruit, nuts and tea, and activities in saline areas such as mushroom growing, poultry farming and the creation of additional tree planting and community care jobs. He set an example for forest-based carbon capture activities.

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