The Minister of Oil inaugurated the Rumaila power plant with a capacity of 235 MW per day.


Iraqi oil minister Jabbar al-Luaibi opened on Thursday Rumaila power plant with a maximum capacity of 235 megawatts per day. The minister said that the ministry is keen to implement strategic projects that contribute to the development of work in the oil fields and provide quantities of electrical energy for use in the operation of oil fields.
The minister added that the field Rumaila represents a giant energy in the oil production in the country out of ten large fields, which represents the largest weight of the production of Iraq’s fields and the Basra oil company and must provide the necessary supplies to develop production in the field.
He added: “Today we are celebrating the opening of the Rumaila power station with generating capacity of 235 megawatts per day. This energy will cover the actual need to operate the Rumaila field of electric power, which is a new achievement added to the achievements achieved previously and which are positively reflected on the development of the right.
Al-Allaibi pointed out that the project is one of the largest projects implemented by the Rumaila field operation, which includes the Basra Oil Company, British BP and Petrojina. This project is important in the provision of electricity through the operation of five gas turbines and will achieve the field self-sufficiency of electric power , Adding that the station will rely on fuel from fuel through the investment associated with oil operations, which is another achievement that reduces the waste of gas, as well as providing clean energy at the operation, which contribute to the preservation of the environment and reduce environmental pollution.
The minister added that the project contributed to the provision of (500) job opportunities for the sons of Iraq and will save a lot of money as a result of the provision of electricity
For his part, praised the director of (BP) in Iraq, Michael Townsend, the cooperation of the Ministry in the development of Rumaila field and that the company is keen to implement the agreed program
The Ministry of Development of the field and the addition of vital facilities and modern technology, including this modern station, which provides electric power to the field and surplus will feed the national network.
The official spokesman of the ministry Assem Jihad that the Rumaila power plant is the largest project of its kind implemented by the operation of Rumaila since its establishment. The Rumaila Power Plant will use the gas associated with the production from the field to operate turbines that will generate electricity. The plant will contribute to self-sufficiency of power. The plant will generate 235 megawatts per day when operating at maximum capacity.

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