Ministry of Commerce sets new regulations for the receipt of wheat from farmers


The General Grain Trade Company, one of the Ministry of Commerce, announced on Wednesday that it will set new regulations for the receipt of wheat marketed by farmers and farmers during the next marketing season.
The company’s general manager, Nشeem Al-Maksousi, said in a statement that his company has determined according to the approved regulations the receipt of wheat from the marketer personally and his name is included in the statements submitted by the Ministry of Agriculture. The company also directed its branches and sites to deal with the special cases of marketers and farmers who are The official agency issued by the notary public to hand over the award only to the degree of third kinship. In cases of death, however,
Pointing out that these controls come in order to support and ensure the safety of the arrival of the crop to the stores and sites of the company easily and without obstacles and the success of the marketing season, which is hoped to be launched mid-April next and the company is still continuing maintenance and maintenance campaigns at sites and branches to complete the preparations for the marketing season 2018.
On the other hand, Al-Maksousi added that his company has honored a group of staff working in the branch of Basra and Khan Dhari by awarding them certificates of appreciation for their efforts and their contribution to the voluntary work campaigns carried out by the company in order to create a spirit of cooperation and competition among employees in order to improve the work

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