The Municipality of Baghdad has put forward a new investment map for the development of the capital’s economy


Baghdad Investment Authority announced on Monday that the Municipality of Baghdad has put forward an investment map for a number of sectors, indicating that the time of submission is nearing completion.
The Chairman of the Commission, Shaker Zamili, said in a press statement that “the secretariat of Baghdad had already put forward an investment map in 2015 and after a year and a half has resulted from this map only three projects,” pointing out that “the Investment Authority cooperated with the Secretariat to propose a map that could Develop the economic reality in the capital. ”
He added that “the map included various sectors including housing, health, tourism and trade,” stressing that “the submission of these opportunities are ready for all until the end of the month of March.”
Al-Zamili predicted that “this map achieves positive repercussions on the economic reality and has a market that creates great job opportunities for the unemployed as well as increasing growth.”

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