France is considering investment in the transport and energy sectors in Basra


French Ambassador to Iraq Borno Obier on Sunday, the desire of his country’s companies to enter the labor market and investment in the province of Basra.
“Basra Governor As’ad al-Eidani reviewed with French Ambassador to Iraq Borno Obeyer the possibility of investing French companies in the fields of electric power and the establishment of the Basra Metro,” a statement from the governor’s office said.
Al-Eidani said during the meeting that “Basra needs in the coming period to the experiences of the French side in the fields of infrastructure and various investments, as well as other topics related to the life of the citizen visual.”
For his part, explained the French ambassador in Iraq Borno Obier that the things that have been addressed with the governor of Basra is the need for large French companies to invest in Basra in many areas because Basra has great importance among the countries of the world as the most wealth of the country produced from Basra.

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