Dubai has laid the foundation for the world’s largest solar investment project


HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, laid the cornerstone for the fourth phase of the 700 MW mega solar power plant, the largest solar energy investment project in the world. “The UAE’s leadership in the use of clean and renewable energy on the world map,” said an official statement
“The process of establishing the necessary infrastructure to support the development of the UAE is one of the first steps to be taken to ensure an advanced position among the nations of the future. World-class standards. ”
He added that the UAE “today provides a pioneering model in the transition to clean energy, ensuring the highest levels of operational efficiency, while preserving the environment, which is in fact a secretariat we seek to maintain and develop for future generations.”
“We continue our ambitious investments towards global leadership in various fields, especially the most influential ones in people’s lives, clean and renewable energy from the key sectors that are at the center of development and the key to success, and the UAE is providing the world with an advanced model of rapid transformation to adopt the most sustainable solutions Effective to achieve the best qualities of life, to remain our state always a model in the development of the development based on human happiness and ensure the safety of the environment. ”
He added: “Today we have sustainable monuments that serve the coming generations, implemented by young Emirati minds and arms. We are counting on them to advance our country to the highest levels of excellence and we are proud of their contributions and the progress they make to their country.
“Today, we continue to strengthen our position at the forefront of developed countries as a global model of clean energy and green economy.” The project is the world’s largest solar energy investment project in a single location under the independent product system with a production capacity of 700 megawatts of clean electricity. It is distinguished by the world’s tallest solar tower with a height of 260 meters and the world’s largest thermal storage capacity, Providing clean energy to more than 270,000 homes in Dubai and contributing to more than 1.4 million tonnes of carbon emissions per year.
The project will use two technologies for the production of clean energy. The first is the 600-megawatt parabolic reflector system and the 100 megawatt concentrated solar power tower, with a total area of ​​43 km2.
The total investment for the project reached AED 14.7 billion, at a cost of 7.3 US cents per kilowatt hour, the lowest globally.

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