The Iraq Stock Exchange made progress in the volume and value of shares traded over the past week through the circulation of 51 companies in the regular and second markets.
Market executive director Taha Ahmed Abdel Salam said in a statement that during the week ending on the 15th of March, the Iraq Stock Exchange held five sessions for trading in the formal market and in the second market, where the number of companies listed in the market (102) is a shareholding company, of which 54 are listed in Alice. The regulars and 48 companies listed in the second market traded during last week’s sessions (44) Shares in the formal market and (7) companies in the second market
“The number of shares traded for the last week (20,331) billion shares (9,865) billion shares for the week that he accepted was 106.09 percent,” said Abdel Salam. The share of the shares of the last week (11,881) was 1 billion dinars (6,872 billion dinars) for the week before it was higher (72.88%).
“The number of transactions carried out last week (3895) was a deal (3315) for the week before, and the market index ISX 60 at the last session of last week (637.14) was closed (0.19%). About shutting it down for the week before when it closed on (635.94) dot “.
According to Abdul Salam, the shares purchased from non-Iraqi investors last week reached 712 million shares (260%). Compared to the week before and with a value (923) million dinars through the implementation of (318) a deal on the shares of 12 companies with a high 92%, the number of shares sold from non-Iraqi investors last week (318) million shares low by 39% and worth (282) million dinars through the implementation of (131) Deal on shares (8) companies that was 45% high.


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