The economic outlook for the production of 2.5 million tons of wheat in 2018 in Iraq


Iraq’s grain chief Naim al-Mukusi predicted on Wednesday that he would produce at least 2.5 million tonnes of domestic wheat in the 2018 season.
“The recent rains have changed all the expectations of the council,” he said in a press release.
He explained that there are areas that have now been added to the local procurement plan such as Mosul and Anbar, which will fill any reductions in production if they occur.
Iraq expects to produce 500,000 tons of wheat crop in Nineveh province in 2018, planting 5.5 billion square meters of land with wheat.
Iraq is a major importer of grain and consumes about 5 million tons of wheat annually, and the Iraqi Ministry of Trade imports a package of commodities such as rice and wheat, to meet the requirements of ration cards for the benefit of citizens.

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